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Unless you are trading on regulated markets or through regulated agents, traders and investors should use extreme caution for trading such currencies. Southwest Group, LLC recommends consultation with a qualified tax advisor, CPA, financial planner, or investment manager prior to any transaction. But that will need a peaceful, promising business atmosphere to establish investor confidence, which will in turn help revive its economy and bring back the IQD forex rate to realistic levels. Iraq's economic growth Political stability Oil industry development Monetary policies The Dinar's value has fluctuated over time. Nowadays, more and more people are discovering Iraq's economic success story.

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Home > For beginners > History of currencies > Iraqi Dinar, IQD. Iraq currency (Iraqi Dinar, IQD) in forex. Note 1 - Prior to World War I, Turkish then known as Ottoman currency was used throughout the area known as Mesopotamia, despite the fact that other currencies were were used in certain regions; For example the Indian rupee was used in Basra and Persian coins were used in the middle.

The Central Bank of Iraq circulates the Iraqi dinar which is made up of 1, fils. The dinar replaced the Indian rupee as the country's national currency. The exchange rate remained constant until the Gulf War in the early s.

Currency printed before the Gulf War became known as Swiss dinar. After the fall of Saddam Hussein, the government issued a new currency. The exchange of old dinar for new dinar notes was on a one-to-one basis, except for the Swiss dinar which exchanged for new to 1 old. This new currency has been valued at a set rate by the International Monetary Fund. However, there is little call for them on the foreign exchange market. The street exchange rate is approximately 1, dinar for one U.

The Iraqi Dinar was supposed to be linked to the gold standard and distributed by an independent authority that was based in London.

The Iraqi Dinar, legislated to be introduced under Law No. During the period preceding the introduction of the Dinar, Iraq was advised to drop the gold standard just as it had previously been dropped by Britain in September The Iraqi Dinar was then linked to the pound sterrling rather than the gold standard under Law No.

These notes were meant to be issued by the Currency Board, for the Government of Iraq, until a National Bank could be established to issue currency. Before the unification of currency, Iraq had two Dinars in circulation. One known as the 'Swiss Dinar' printed in Switzerland was perceived to be the stronger currency and was used in the largely autonomous Kurdish north. The other currency known as the 'Saddam Dinar' was circulating in the rest of the country.

During the 3 month window before it expired, The Swiss printed dinar was converted at a rate of to the USD. The economies of India and China are growing and will continue to grow. And there will be great demand for oil which will increase the value of the bank notes. Hence, there are strong indicators that the currency will continue to grow in value and be revalued to keep up with the growth of the Iraqi economy. Mail will not be published required.

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