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What is the iSAP Forex Scanner? The iSAP (iFT Scan and Alert Pro) is an advanced Forex scanner that works with Meta-Trader4 platforms. The iSAP scanner identifies chart patterns and setups used by the professional iFundTraders Master Forex Traders and then alerts traders when these events occur by voice and sound alerts, email, and .

Forex Trendy is a software solution to avoid trading during uncertain market periods. Avoiding trader-fatigue, and avoiding missing trades. Red Bar Ignore RBI and Bull Elephant BuE bars seen in this example are used by iFundTraders under the correct set of circumstances as trade entries or locations for adding to an existing trade as well, and could have been traded very effectively in this example. Set the scanner to scan for your favorite type of trade set ups in ANY time frame when the alert triggers you look at the set up assess your risk enter the trade into the ATMS and you have a complete trade set up for you including the set up you want and the risk management of the trade complete with stops and take profits all in place. Please email testimonials smartest-trading.

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Forex Scanners Trend: Forex Scanner System is a technical indicator which is custom built. The bars in forex scanners trend appears in two colors; green and red. The green bars on the forex scanners trend indicate the bullish market scenario while the red bars on the forex scanners trend indicate the bearish market scenario. So you would be.

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