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Jan 30,  · This thread is intended for traders who trade USD/JPY as well as ALL of the other JPY cross pairs including AUD/JPY, CAD/JPY, CHF/JPY, EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY, and NZD/JPY. Due to recent monetary policies implemented by the Bank of Japan for more easing I believe could be a fun year for USD/JPY as well as the Yen crosses.

Like most developed-country central banks, the Bank of Japan has a mandate to act in a fashion that encourages growth and minimizes inflation. The Japanese economy has some particular and peculiar attributes that yen traders need to understand. Firstly, despite its size, Japan has been notably lacking in growth since the collapse of its equity and real estate bubbles in Writers often refer to the ensuing years as a " lost decade " in Japan because of this reason.

Second, Japan is also the oldest major economy in the world and has one of the lowest fertility rates. That suggests an increasingly aging workforce with fewer and fewer younger workers to support the economy through taxation and consumption. Lastly, Japan is also an advanced economy with a well-educated workforce. Although industries like shipbuilding have migrated to countries like South Korea and China, Japan is still a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics, autos and technological components.

This has left Japan with significant exposure to the global economy, but also with increasing reliance on China as a trade partner. There are several theories that attempt to explain foreign exchange rates. Chances for that are pretty high. This article focuses on a potential bullish case for the pair and how should bulls position to take the most out of the upcoming trend. A mandatory condition for a bullish flag is a vertical. Two major risk events will take place in Asia tomorrow, the Bank of Japan meeting and the Korean summit.

And early on Friday, a host of risk events will flare in Asia which will. S Dollar has been strong the past week and speculators may aim for downside action from the Euro short term. Euro Resumes its Downward Trend this MorningThe Euro has resumed its downward trend early this morning and is below the 1. After showing some stability. However, there are reasons to believe the Yen could get stronger because of risk adverse situations arising in the coming days.

Precarious Sentiment and Reasons to be CautiousForex proved relatively range bound the first three days of trading this week. Precarious sentiment in global equities, the intrigue surrounding international trade and. Deutsche Bank is also making news regarding its leadership and lack of profitability.

The European currency is below the 1. S Dollar and is suddenly near important mid-term. Mid term outlook is bearish and most of the studies are neutral in the long term, which is in line with.

Overview Technical Forecasts News Chart. The rebound in risk appetite post-Fed continued in the Asian session today, with equity markets risi Sign in Open an account. Posted by Dean Oct 3, Share 0.

Safe haven currencies fact or fiction? Posted by Stephen Oct 3, Share 0. US markets rescue global risk sentiment yet again.

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