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US Options trading from the UK

9. - pare die besten Aktienmakler und Online-Broker für den Handel mit Aktien und Optionen, einschließlich Sonderangeboten, Handelskosten, Kundendienst, Finden Sie die besten Online-Börsenmakler an der NASDAQ.

The other route that is sometimes taken is for the UK Binary Options broker to obtain a gambling license. Firstly, listing as gambling product rather than a financial one could tarnish the reputation of the instrument. Secondly, in the UK gambling debts are debts of honour which means that the broker has no right of recourse in the event of client losses and debts. The current status quo is indeed not really here to last. More and more traders are aware of the fact that an FCA license is a great competitive advantage.

It shows that the broker has some of the most stringent regulations in place for client protections. Hence, there are a number of UK Binary Options brokers who have decided that they would like to apply for the FCA license irrespective of current Europe wide regulations. Indeed even the FCA has decided that they need to get on top of the Binary Options regulations in the UK and have even suggested in a recent announcement that they are consulting with a number of different industries stakeholders about potentially regulating Binary Options in the UK.

This could be a good outcome for the entire industry as it allows traders to get a better sense of who they are dealing with. It could also give brokers more guidance around what would be allowed in the UK Binary Options industry and what would not be allowed. This is more certainty for the broker which is always welcome in the industry.

This tax rate of course varies according to the income tax bracket that the client is already in. On the flip side though, losses that the trader incurs while trading Binary Options are of course tax deductible. For UK binary option traders who wanted to open an account with a broker, there are a number of ways in which they could fund the account.

These include bank transfer, credit card, Neteller and Skrill. Skrill is a UK based payment processor and usually has strict merchant account regulations in place. Some brokers may charge you fees for deposits and withdrawals on top of the credit card charges.

Most UK brokers will allow the trader to hold an account in GBP should they have funded in that currency. Regulated brokers also have strict requirements in place from their payment providers with regards to money laundering and fraud regulations. This means that the trader will need to provide documentation such as proof of residency and identity. Traders may also not be able to fund the account or withdraw profits from a separate bank account.

When it comes to choosing a Binary Options broker in the UK, you need to make certain that you have ticked the right boxes before you can comfortably trade with one. There have been a number of UK residents who have fallen victim to illicit brokers because they did not do the adequate due diligence before investing.

It is also really important that you find the broker that is right for you and your trading style. Below are some steps you can take when selecting a broker.

Once you have found the broker that you would like to use then you can start off. It is probably wiser to use a binary options demo account to make sure that trading these instruments is indeed for you. These are free and allow you as much time and demo funds as you like.

Make sure that you only ever invest as much as you can afford and have an effective money management strategy in place.

Please leave this field empty. I guess it depends on what you plan to trade but for trading spreads, TM has all the tools and very good commission rates. Last edited by Buddy46; Apr 17, at 2: Apr 17, , I first opened an account with Charles Schwab, a fairly long winded process, only to find, when the account was open that despite them having many dedicated options traders, they don't trade any options on the CME - ie most of the options that I trade: BUT although owned by CS, they have an entirely different account opening procedure and are not allowed to accept automatic transfer for CS customers.

Apr 18, , 7: I have traded options for 30 years and there is no better platform than TradeMonster. They also do futures. Apr 20, , 5: After much research I used to use OptionsXpress, but now use Interactive Brokers, who have the lowest charges. As mentioned in a thread previous, best to over fund your account to avoid per transaction currency fees, etc.

Apr 20, , 6: I have tested Interactive Brokers and find their site to be severely lacking. Also I find the web site often has trouble loading my account and makes you jump through hoops. This is my main problem with them as I cannot deal with site problems or extra hoops when I want to make a trade. Move to Trademonster and you will be happy.

Options have always been close to the best deal out there and the quality and speed of trading information is unparalleled by anyone. I also have overseas friends who report no problems. Apr 20, , 8: Last edited by Hittfeld; Apr 20, at 8: Apr 20, , 9: Originally Posted by malco3h. I would agree that IB will offer the global and institutional investor many things that others sometimes don't. However, the largest quantity of traders will be much better served by trying TS. Take a free look and test the various information and trading tools that they offer.

Apr 21, , 9: I've just looked at Trademonster but its account opening screens do not appear to allow non USA residents.

How did you over come this?

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