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Also, their salewoman Maria gave me too much pressure. I went over my trade log, and looked at the numbers, it revealed my weakness, I had spent a couple hours getting in and out of the same pairs, while I watched them climb higher and higher. All these systems are put together in the form of one complex mathematical model. We use cookies to help our site work better and deliver you complete functionality.

Automated Forex Trading Software Overview

I was down about 30 pips, and had to work my way out of that hole, did that, and then promptly lost another 50 pips to max out my risk level and had to quit. I think this is the first time I have maxed out my risk level. I signed out, and couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. I went over my trade log, and looked at the numbers, it revealed my weakness, I had spent a couple hours getting in and out of the same pairs, while I watched them climb higher and higher.

Using my 'system' or 'strategy', which turned out to be repeating the same mistake over and over Getting stressed along the way, which is never good. My log book, revealed after the fact, If I had just gotten in and stayed steady I would have made a clean pips profit.

I wasn't exactly calm, or in the ZONE, as they say. This trading game is a psychological game. I am still learning, I've been doing this for almost two years and haven't yet got a handle on it! I find My Trade Journal reveals a lot more about ME and my muddled mind-set, than it does about what's wrong with the software I need to keep working on that.

Do you keep a journal? I hope you mastered the mind set. Get yourself in the ZONE and trade from there! There are a couple of things I like, However many more dislikes. Today it froze up constantley.

I ended up out of a short usdcad that could have run along time. Pretty hard to trade a platform you can't depend on. I'm only demoing and I don't know if that makes a difference, but I've been trading all week, from 5: I can get up, walk away to get a coffee, pet the dog, put out the garbage, and it's still running when I come back. I don't know why it's happening to you, I'm no tech expert but it may not be the platform. I also tested on live account with all custom indicator and EA with trading disable, it seems that live platform is much stable and more capacity.

I banked just over pips for the week - a first - and was really pleased when Thursday night I came within. Of these, I have had my biggest challenge with trading on the USDCAD chart; I don't know if that is typical of for others trading on this chart, or bad judgment on my part. Is it possible that you have a bias toward the change to Alveo that is impacting your trading system? I am a tech expert; I'm funded; and I can relate.

Both Alveo and MT4 have their pros and cons. Alveo keeps changing, and some of those changes created issues that were significant enough to force me to tweak what I've been doing to adapt. I have 4 pairs that I call my "4 horsemen": For each pair, I had to get back to the basics of trading with 1 micro lot positions until I got a feel for how each pair behaved with the aforementioned changes. Once I reestablished my baseline, I ran some more tests trading with the remainder of the 16 pairs that I normally would scan for potential trades.

Afterward, I ran some experiments to help me optimize my SLs, and increase my position sizes. I have had issues with some trading brokers in the past, but one thing that I do respect is a broker that responds to its clients issues or concerns.

This is a very terrible broker. I don't understand how they can survive in brokerage market! The other guy in Alvexo told me the '1. There were a lot very unprofessional issues. Finally, I decided to quit and applied for withdrawing my money. Also, their salewoman Maria gave me too much pressure. She kept calling, and kept persuading me to deposit money. After I placed the complaint here. Alvexo contacted me promptly, making apology, Refund me some money I lost in trading and appointed a new personal broker to train me.

The following-up of the complaint was satisfied. Hope this company can review their commission structure. To be honest, the commission is too high. It is not a competitive one. To Maria, just don't push people hardly. Gail followed up the issue I encountered before and explained everything in details. They refunded me all the money I lost in trading, which was caused by wrong account type. I have to say Alvexo has good thing that other brokers dont have, which is they do assign a dedicated personal broker to provide suggestions and training.

It is nice to see their genuine apology and correction. I will carry on this account more time to see how everything is going on.

I have opened a Demo Account before months and I did not use it due to lack of time and the fact that I did not had any experience about trading. Before 8 days a Sales Representative called me and start pressuring me to open a normal account. Kyriaki, which was her name said to me that I will only need minutes per day and that they will provide me proper trading.

Unfortunately, nothing of those is real. She replied ok and I have deposit my money to the account. To the first lessons which was approximately 25 minutes they open me the platform, show me how to open and close positions and about RSI. Until here everything was good.

Moreover, we arrange with my Senior Broker, Steve, a second lesson, after few days, which unfortunately due to some reasons of him or the company did not call me. After that I decided to withdraw my money as I realized that the conditions were different that they told me.

Despite, my desire to close my account Steve contact me immediately and changed my opinion. So we arrange a new lesson. To that time I receive a call from a new Senior Broker Andrew which asked me if I want to update my account and deposit more money for better profit. My answer was no for now and he asked me if I wanted to transfer to real platform. I answered yes and he show me again the RSI and how to open with one click the positions.

To the main time I send to Kyriaki an email but she never replied back to me. Also, I have the same communication problem with my Senior Broker. The most noticeable difference among them is the amount of money needed to open the account, though there are other differences, as well. For instance, accounts meant for more seasoned traders have access to technical analysis reports as well as a direct line to senior account managers and one-on-one support.

The Classic account is a basic account for beginners. Spreads start at 2. The ECN account is geared towards dedicated professionals who trade direct. Spreads are as low as 0. Maximum leverage for retail trader is 1: A clear chart of the different spreads for each currency and commodity accompanies the account comparison presentation which is very useful. An additional chart lists the share, index and commodity CFDs available to be traded, their various exchanges, contract requirements for each product and in the different accounts in which they can be traded.

A demo account is available for traders wishing to practice the art of trading and hone their skills before committing with real funds.

A Islamic account is also available for traders who follow Sharia laws and do not accept interest on funds accumulated overnight.

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