Ninjatrader bollinger bands strategie

All you have to do is adding two sets of Bollinger Bands indicator. That is why this trading system is called “Double Bollinger Bands Trading Strategy”. Use the default settings for the first Bollinger Bands: Period: 20 Deviations: 2 Shift: 0. In this article, I refer to this Bollinger Bands indicator as BB2, because its deviations is set to 2.

I love articles along with Chris ones. November 4, at 9: I also recently added Superior Volume and Volume Delta to my charts and they are also very helpful. Your indicators are so helpful.


Nov 27,  · Bollinger Band Suite | NinjaTrader Indicator NinjaTrader Indicators & Trading Systems | Indicator Warehouse The Double-Bollinger Trading Strategy - Duration: MoneyShow 42, views.

Fibonacci Based SuperTrend Indicator. What makes our free Bollinger Bands indicator better than others? Bollinger Bands are a simple yet effective tool for measuring overbought and oversold support and resistance conditions in the markets. Bollinger bands are effective for Futures, Forex, and Equities trading. Typically, Bollinger Bands will plot a channel based on historical market prices and volatility. The center of the channel is generally calculated using a simple moving average.

The upper and lower bands are then calculated by adding and subtracting a multiple of the Standard Deviation used to measure volatility from the center of the channel. The image below shows how the typical Bollinger Band indicator looks. In this particular image, the outer bands are calculated using 2 standard deviations. Without going in depth about the calculations for the Standard Deviation, it is calculated based on the Deviation of each bar.

The Deviation is the difference in price and the mean the center line. Typically, TradeStation indicators will use the close of the bar as the price in the calculation for the Deviation , so the formula would be as follows:. Because the formulas are calculating the deviation for each bar based on the closing price, it is not truly representing the maximum deviation from the mean the formula does not consider the high and low of each bar.

To compensate for this behavior, we can make a simple modification to the formula for the Standard Deviation. Where the typical formula calculates the Deviation using the formula above, the new formula will be calculated using the following formula:. The image above shows the difference in the formula for the typical Standard Deviation red line versus our new improved formula blue line. In the image you will notice two key points:. There are 7 basic relationships that can be quantified:.

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