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Hello i would like to participate add me to the list. Baso Firman on Feb 15, Thank You Rashid C M.

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Exclusive analysis of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, including rating of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), trade recommendations, Stocks, .

The main thing is managing risk. Too many users fail and blame the system because they have made the mistake of setting too high of a trade size for their account balance.

If you take the time to test out the system on a demo account and find the settings and risk ratio that are right for you, this ea can really perform for you. Just don't get too greedy. But that is really just one of many possible ways to use this ea.

You really will have to find what trading style works best for you. Thanks for the replies interesting I have tried a lot of free EAs but haven't found a good one yet. I might have to buy one. Either MT4 or MT5. So, stick to MT4. I would highly recommend the forex hacked ea. I've tried a few different EA's over the years, and this is really the only one that has continued to work consistently for me. And I will stress again that the key to consistency and success with this EA is maintaining a very low risk ratio.

If you have the equity to support it, you will win, and you will continue winning. If you trade this with too high of a risk ratio, you may win at first and even see some impressive profits, but I can guarantee that eventually you will overextend your account and get wiped out. So just keep that in mind. It will only work if you are very strict and conservative about your risk management. Haven't found many reviews regarding it, would appreciate if anyone who has used it can post their thoughts.

The equity curves shown on the web site if they're actually for this EA. I've seen this all the time. People get all excited by an equity graph that looks like an inclined plane without understanding the risk. I am reading the comments and reviews everyday in this website.

It is helping me a lot. I hope the new book will also enhance my knowledge about forex trading. Been through so many indicators looking for the Holy Grail that surprisingly, looking at the chart with naked eyes, you can actually start to feel where the market is going and run with it.

Mainly a psychological warfare at least in my experience. I believe our own experience is important, but it is also necessary to compare ourselves to others and maybe learn from their mistakes.

I have walked a similar path to that of the author. Bought a dollar course which was supposedly so successful that people actually had to convince the author to share her knowledge.

We calculated on Excel spreadsheet how many weeks it will take us to be dollar millionares. Then I started losing money and realizing that this is a tough game and what may work for one does not necessarily work for another. What I found most useful is just learning a lot about the subject and testing various claims to see it they are legitimate. But the best learning experience for me was just spending several thousands of hours in front of the screen watching the charts, watching to price move and after some point realizing various behavioral characteristics of the market.

Then, we I myself started realizing things and started spotting patterns is when I feel I started to understand the markets. After that I slowly started to lose less and less and gain more and more.

I have been profitable in the last 9 months. Especially Forex trading with consistent gains and small draw downs take time, knowledge, patience and implementation of learning from mistakes and from others. As you said it is not get rich quick thing.

It is a profession and depends on how well you perform. I am into trading from last 12 month now and have come to a point where if I loses I gain back and end on either making small gains and or small draw downs. Jakob Knudsen sounds like a guy who has finally come to terms with the realities of the Forex Market.

I would be glad to get my hands on his eBook. Please could you add me to the list. I have only been trading for 3 months so this type of ebook will be of great help. Judging by the number of people who have replied there appears to be a market for this product. Have you thought about offering it for a small charge to those that are not successful.

Forex Trading is like a king cobra. If you want to play with it be very sure you have the knowledge and experience or it will inflict severe pain when you least expect it.

Will this book give me a better understanding of how to tame the beast or simply to get out of the way? Please put my name in the hat for a chance to answer the question. First of all thanks to forexcrunch and Jakob Dupont Knudsen for giving this nice offer for the readers.

I would love to read this book and get a free copy. I am more interested in the section of detecting fakeouts. I think seperating breakouts from fakeouts can significantly improvise the strike ratio of traders. If combined with appropriate moneymanagement, once can get wonderful results.

Looking forward to reading your book. From the summery it sounds like it can be a promiseing tool. Hope one of the four free copies will increased me in knowledge.

S I have spend a lot of money for courses and books, all promise you lots of points, but reality no points and lots of money lose. Forex Hacking Winners Forex Crunch. Stable growth amid global headwinds — Standard Chartered Trump: Gains capped at UK aiming for Brexit deal in November.

In the comment, you may ask Jakob any question you like, or write anything you wish… Thank you everybody. About the author, in his own words: Get the 5 most predictable currency pairs.

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