Forex Trading Psychologie Ausbildung

The psychology of trading is almost certainly the most neglected area of trader education.. There are a number of reasons for this, but perhaps the most important is the modern day need to Have It All Now!. Most traders think it’s a matter of pressing the right button at .

It can, in fact, be the ruin of you. Ja Nein Bitte dieses Feld ausfüllen. As an example of the data made available on the weekly COT report, the graph shown in Figure 1 depicts the net weekly results of this report for each of the major currencies traded on the Chicago IMM futures exchange for Non-Commercial traders. Stop-loss orders, for example, can be too close or too wide; in the case of them being too close, we will be concerned that the market may veer in the opposite direction and wish to cut our losses to a minimum; in the latter, we fear our stop-loss order will close our position before the market reverses back into our favour.

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The fundamental psychological factors of a trader’s personality often come to the foreground when forex trading activities start to generate significant profits and losses, since many people experience strong feelings when making and losing money.

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